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Lime curd


I love lime curd. I love lemon curd too. They answer the call of both my sweet tooth and my tart tooth in one, goopy, slurpy go. The first time I made lemon curd, as a teenager, I was so astounded at how good it tasted and how simple it was to make that I wolfed the batch down over just a few afternoons, straight from the jar, no doubt sitting on our sundeck with my feet dangling in the pool, still in my school uniform. Sorry, Mum. I’m still thrilled every time I make a citrus curd by its seemingly complex and yet comfortingly old fashioned nature. It’s really so simple to make, takes almost no time, and can absolutely not be compared in the least to the gelatinous, pasty excuse sold in jars on the shelf. This is truly delicious sandwiched between two Victoria Sponges, as a topping on fairy cakes or spread on hot toast. Or, you know, with a teaspoon and a contemplative mood.

Lime curd 2

Lime Curd

makes about 650 ml

1 stick butter
6 large eggs
½ cup caster sugar
1 cup freshly squeezed lime juice (I used 6 limes)
zest from 2 limes

– put the butter in a medium, heavy bottomed sauce pan and melt over a low heat

– in a mixing bowl, beat the eggs with the sugar and lime juice until frothy

– strain through a sieve, then add zest

– add to melted butter and whisk over a medium-low heat until a custard consistency is reached.

– bottle in sterilized jars and cool before refrigerating.

Lime curd

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Strawberry sorbet

Could they be the last of the season?  I always thought Strawberries were a Spring thing, everywhere except England where they’re a year round thing, it seems.  Well, it’s August, isn’t it?  And that’s no time for Spring Chickens.  But yet, there they were, sweetly fragranced, locally produced Strawberries, shining freshly under the market lights.  And a bargain too!  Why?  What’s the deal?  Well, I gave them a good sniff, a prod and decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth.  When I got home I popped one in my mouth and the flavour was every bit as good as the colour and smell.  Too good to be true!  These were almost the best Strawberries of the season, and here it’s the middle of August.  Those didn’t last long, and I went straight back the next morning for another batch.  Of course we ended up eating them with all sorts of things, but this was my favourite way:

Strawberry Sorbet

about 1½ cups strawberries,
washed and hulled
5 or 6 blocks of ice
¼ cup water
1 Tbsp or so lemon juice
3 Tbsp castor sugar
1 tsp Vanilla essence

-Place all ingredients in a blender and pulse until the ice has broken down.

-blend on high for a minute or two until the mixture is a good slush.

-place the mixture in the freezer.

-freeze for ½ hour at a time, remove from freezer and blend to break crystals.  repeat 4 or 5 times before freezing.

-Remove from freezer 10 mins prior to eating and beat a bit to loosen the ice.

*try adding a couple Tbsp of your favorite alcohol to the mixture to prevent it from freezing so solidly


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