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Anchovy, creamcheese and tomato on rye with basil

Too much food! There’s just too much food here!

I think I need a little something to nibble on while I think of what to do with it all…
How about a little open sandwich of country rye with cream cheese, tomato, fresh basil and anchovies? Sounds like a meal!

The Summer is fabulous in Toronto. I come from a land of sunshine and swimming pools and perpetual, year round barbeques, but somehow, nothing quite beats the Summers of Ontario. Perhaps it’s the long, crazy-cold Winter lending an air of grateful appreciation to the sweet green grass and the welcome relief of a shady chestnut tree , perhaps it’s the humidity we don’t get on the highveld leaving one feeling like you’re somewhere exotic on holiday, but the Summer here brings out the sultry in the street lamps. Perhaps it’s as simple a thing as the sudden and prolific availability of all things fruity and fresh after months of root vegetables and soggy, cold shipped tomatoes from Chili.

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